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General trading conditions of the Bönninghoff GmbH, 48432 Rheine

  1. Fundamental
    All supplies and achievements are affected exclusively on the following conditions. With the acceptance of your order by us, these conditions apply as agreed and possibly deviating conditions of the purchaser are invalid. Our representatives are not entitled to conclude binding legal transactions. Our offers are strictly not-binding.

  2. Quotation
    All prices are quoted, if not otherwise indicated, including value added tax.

  3. Delivery
    We deliver in Germany starting at a merchandise value of € 400.00 free domicile. Outside of Germany we only deliver from stock. For the evaluation of the dispatched goods only the quantities determined by us are authoritative.

    Commercially obtainable or technically non-avoidable deviations from quality, masses, samples, colour, consistency, ect., as well as changes in the construction and execution do not justify objections. Furthermore we object to alteration on our products at all times.

  4. Payment
    Our invoices are generally to be paid within five working-days without deduction. We have the right to insist on advanced payment on the entire value of order if the enquiry on commercial credit insurance for the purchaser at an insurance company chosen by us remains unsuccessful and/or will be countermanded.

  5. Delay in delivery
    Delivery dates will be complied as far as possible. At a failure to comply with the delivery date the buyer is entitled and obliged to give the seller a period of grace of 4 weeks.

    Requirements and compensations due to delayed delivery are impossible. Circumstances due to an act of god, which could complicate the delivery or make it impossible, will give the seller the right to either restrict its achievement or to withdraw from a contract completely or partially.

  6. Letter of complaint
    The buyer has to examine the merchandise on delivery and if a deficiency occurs the buyer has to notify the seller in writing within 3 days after delivery at the latest. Obvious damages at the external packing (open damage) must be noted on delivery on the shipping documents and be confirmed with the signature by the freight carrier. Faulty condition of the merchandise does not entitle the buyer to converse and/or to resign; he/she can only claim a substitute of the reduced value.
    Furthermore the buyer can, if possible, request a replacement delivery with appropriate delivery time.

  7. Reservation of proprietary rights
    The merchandise will remain, until full payment of the purchase price is received including all accessory considerations, ownership of the Bönninghoff GmbH.

  8. Breach of exclusive rights
    At breach of exclusive rights of a third party and therewith a connected prohibition of sale, requirements of compensation of the buyer against the seller are impossible.

  9. Place of delivery
    Place of delivery and legal venue is exclusively Rheine.

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